Precision Metal Wire Drawing Experts & Rolling Stainless Steel Manufacturer


Precision Metal Wire Drawing Experts & Rolling Stainless Steel Manufacturer

About Butech

Butech specialises in the production and supply of precision wires for industrial applications.

Founded in 2005, Butech specialises in wire manufacturing for industrial applications. The company supplies more than five million meters of wire and  more than 6,000 coils per year. Our custom-designed production facilities enable us to achieve tolerance intervals of around half a micron (0.5 μm) and with absolute precision. Butech can adapt to any quantities its customers require, whether for prototyping, pre-series or the production of different products.


Company creation

5 Million

Meters of wire per year


Tolerance in μm


Coils per 1 year


Butech provides companies in different sectors:

  • Watch Industry (Synthetic Diamond Manufacturer, Springs)
  • Medical (Ophthalmology, ENT)
  • Precision High-Tech

Butech can provide 100% traceability on request.

Thanks to our park of machines and our team of experts, we can scale to meet commands within 4 weeks.

Butech Butech Butech

Our Leadership

Our skilled and responsive team is at your service, to provide the right product for your projects. With our experience, we can adapt to your needs and advise on materials, tolerances and dimensions.

Maxime Gicquel


COO of Butech since 2018. Mechanical and micro-technical engineer, specialised in production management and business processes. Experience in the field of watchmaking and microtechnology since 2015.

Jean-Michel Uhl


CEO of Butech since 2018. Experience in business recovery and resumption of investments. More than 25 years as general manager in various sectors including more than 15 years in the watchmaking sector.

Other materials, dimensions and galvanic coating are possible on request. Please contact us to know more about our capacity.

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