Precison Micro Wire Drawing and Cold Drawing Experts


Precison Micro Wire Drawing and Cold Drawing Experts


Butech specializes in micro-drawing and cold drawing, and any products that can be derived from these wires. Our team can work with a wide range of diameters, depending on the material, from Ø 2.200 mm to Ø 0.020 mm. The latter is, on average, three times smaller than the diameter of a hair.

Our customers' needs at the centre of our work

We understand our customers’ needs, and our experience means we can adapt to your needs and advise on materials, tolerances and dimensions. Our expert team assesses all projects before production to ensure that we provide the best service to suit your budget, quality standards, and lead time. Butech can adapt to any quantities you need, whether for prototyping, pre-series or the production of different products. This applies to various sectors such as watchmaking, medical, and any other field requiring high precision.

New machinery

Thanks to new machinery and our team of experts, we can deliver all our standard products within 4 weeks, 100% traceable on request. For all other, more specific requests, our team will assess the feasibility of your project and offer you our best lead times.

All our production resources have been developed in-house or in partnership with the Acrotec Group: from the 3D design, including the dimensioning of mechanical elements, and the production of electrical diagrams and boxes, to the machining of mechanical assemblies.

This unique design enables us to control and optimise all production parameters to meet the various customer requirements the product needs to meet, such as diameter, tolerance, surface finish, etc. It also allows us to reduce material waste, optimise production times, and be flexible regarding quantity. This can range from a few grams to several kilograms, depending on customer requirements.





In order to meet the requirements of our customers in terms of materials, dimensions, tolerances, our machines are able to adapt to dies with multiple characteristics such as angle of incidence, length of reach, reduction cone.


Metrology &
Quality Control

We have several metrology tools and offer services to suit the range of products we can design.

  • Horizontal and vertical measuring benches with adjustable force from 0.01 N to 10 N
  • Dimensional checks of the diameter and its circularity over 360° with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 μm
  • Part weighing (shaft, pin, rods, etc.) with an accuracy of 0.01 mg
  • Electronic microscope with adjustable zoom from 12x to 100x
  • Detailed material certificate on request:
    • Dimension
    • Mechanical characteristics (Rm/Rp02/…)
    • Chemical composition in %
  • 100% traceability on request

Other materials, dimensions and galvanic coating are possible on request. Please contact us to know more about our capacity.

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