Move to prosper: Butech builds its future on a grand scale

    Butech, a Swiss company specializing in the manufacture of wire products such as bars, pins, profiles and laminates, has taken a major strategic step by moving to a new site in Glovelier. Previously based in Tavannes, this significant move is accompanied by a substantial expansion from 301 square meters to 702 square meters. The aim of this initiative is not only to reinforce their reception capacity, but also to optimize the quality of their services to better meet their customers’ demands for quality products.

    In 2023, a complete renovation of the new site transformed the building into a modern infrastructure, perfectly in line with current safety and energy efficiency standards. This strategic move positions Butech for a prosperous future, particularly in demanding sectors such as watchmaking, precision high-tech and medtech, where innovation and excellence are at the heart of their commitment.

    However, a development of this scale involves more than just the physical expansion of the premises. Butech plans to strengthen its teams in line with growing demand, creating new economic dynamism and employment opportunities within the local community. In parallel with demand, the company plans to introduce new products at the Glovelier site. It wants to expand its range by incorporating new high-quality pins and needles, made from their own yarns.

    This initiative demonstrates Butech’s agility and ability to innovate in response to ever-changing needs. It testifies to the company’s firm resolve to forge a robust future while embodying the vitality and creativity of the Swiss industrial sector.

    Other materials, dimensions and galvanic coating are possible on request. Please contact us to know more about our capacity.

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